Student Resources

What We Teach

Tae Kwon Do – Korean Olympic Martial Art
Hap Ki Do – Korean Self-Defense Martial Art
Tang Soo Do – Traditional Korean Martial Art

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Verbal Response

Students are required to memorize curriculum to be recited during promotional testings.  This process helps us to reinforce the values and principles we strive to teach all of our students.

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Student Schedule & Attendance

Click “Attendance” for a copy of our schedules.  Student attendance is very important.  Students should attend classes 2-3 times per week.  Students must attend class a minimum of 16 times in 2 months and have their Master’s permission in order test for the next belt.
Private lessons are available upon request and do count towards a student’s attendance requirements for belt promotion testing.

Student Awards

Icon - RedstarRed Star – Students are awarded a red star for turning in a good school report from their teacher or their report card.

Blue StarBlue Star – Students are awarded a blue star for turning in a good home report and following the “7 Home Rules For Children”

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Gold Star – Students are awarded a gold star for showing outstanding effort in class participation and skill/improvement during their promotional testing.

New Belt Ranks – New belts are a great way for students to grow their self-esteem by helping them achieve goals and be successful.  Every time a student receives their new belt, students are proud of themselves and their accomplishments!


Yin’s Tae Kwon Do Academy proudly hosts the U.S. Gold Cup Tae Kwon Do Championship Tournament.  Tournaments are a great way for students to test their skills against other students of similar age and experience levels. Tournaments are a fun, exciting experience for all students regardless of skill level.
Students are required to attend a minimum of 3 tournaments before they reach their first black belt testing.

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