Children Program

Children Program

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Tae Kwon Do for Children is a dynamic and challenging program that can change the life of a child!

By using Tae Kwon Do as a tool, our instructors teach important life lessons. Skills such as following directions, paying attention, participating in class activities and using self-control to guide their actions and behavior, help children to become better students in school.

Confidence does not come naturally for many children; it is developed over a period of time. Our students are taught to set and achieve personal goals and are challenged to reach new heights. Each step of the way, their confidence level increases.

Children learn valuable lessons both mental and physical. These classes are held in the afternoon so students can get active right after school! Children’s classes are held every day Monday through Saturday! In these classes, children learn respect, discipline, and courtesy. Student’s practice basic techniques that will drastically improve their overall fitness, health, and coordination. These classes are fun and energetic classes that keep your student focused and attentive.

Tae Kwon Do challenges the entire body, developing coordination, balance, agility, and poise – qualities often neglected in many team sports.

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